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Interview: Sacha Bastien

Football News talked to Sacha Bastien about his move from Sedan to Ligue 1 side Stade de Reims at the beginning of August. However, due to an administrative error the transcript was lost. Thankfully, it has now remerged. We are delighted to present you with the interview in both English and French and we thank Sacha for his time. Football News believes Sacha has a big future ahead of him. 

Born: 22nd January 1994

Nationality: French

Current Club: Stade de Reims

Previous Clubs: CS Sedan 

Sacha, are you happy with this move to Reims? 

Yes I am very happy. I have signed my first professional contract and that in itself was a goal I wanted to achieve. 

Did Sedan offer you a professional contract? Or were they unable to do so because of their current financial difficulties?

Yes, Sedan did offer me a provisional pro contract in the event they managed to maintain their being a professional club (Awaiting the then impending DNCG verdict). 

Were there any other clubs that were interested in signing you Sacha?

Yes I was in contact with Saint-Etienne, Auxerre, Sochaux and Dijon in France. I was also talking with Genoa in Italy. 

Do you think the majority of your match action this season will occur with the ‘Reims B’ team? 

I will be the number 3 goalkeeper at the club, so that makes me the reserve in a way. So yes I assume I will be playing most of my matches with the reserve team. 

What convinced you to sign for Reims? 

It was the club that seemed to be the most likely, the most encouraging for me. They offered me the chance to be the 3rd goalkeeper and a professional contract. These were things that not every club offered me. 

Does part of you not feel a bit scared? This is a big step forward in your career is it not?

Yes it is a big step forward for me, but I am not afraid. I have more the feeling of anticipation, I am hungry to discover the world of a professional footballer and to continue to grow (in terms of football).

Will you be apart from your friends and family?

Yes, but that was already the case at Sedan. My family and friends are mainly in Nice.

Do you have a goalkeeping idol you particularly look up to? 

Honestly, not really. 


The original transcript of the interview is below, in French:  

Est-ce que vous êtes satisfait avec ce transfert?

Oui j’en suis très content. Je signe mon premier contrat professionnel. C’est déjà un objectif réalisé.

Est-ce que Sedan vous a offert un contrat professionnel ?

Oui Sedan me proposait un contrat professionnel si jamais il parvenaient a garder le statut pro.

Est-ce qu’il y avait d’autres clubs qui étaient intéresses ?

Oui j’étais en contact avec l’AS St Etienne, l’AJ Auxerre, le FC Sochaux, le FC Dijon et le club de Genova en Italie.

Vous pensez que vous alliez jouer beaucoup pour ‘Reims B’ pendant cette saison ?

Je serais numéro 3, par conséquent le gardien de la réserve. Donc oui je pense faire la plupart de mes matchs en réserve.

Qu’est-ce qui vous a convaincu de signer pour Reims ?

C’est le club qui présentait le plus de certitude : un contrat professionnel, une place de 3eme gardien. Ce que certains clubs ne garantissaient pas.

Est-ce que d’un côté vous n’étiez pas un peu appréhensif de faire ce transfert ? N’est-ce pas un grand pas en avant ?

Oui c’est un grand pas en avant, mais pas de peur, plutôt une grande envie de découvrir le monde professionnel et continuer d’évoluer.

Est-ce que vous avez dû vous séparer de vos amis et votre famille ?

Oui mais c’était déjà le cas a Sedan étant donné que j’habite a Nice.

Qui est votre inspiration comme gardien de but ?

Je n’en ai pas en particulier. 

Un grand merci à Sacha.

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